We support individuals and organisations using media to advance social change.  We work with individuals, governments, foundations, civil society organisations and the private sector to effectively deliver on their initiatives.

We Tell Stories

We help you write about how you feel. Our writers are trained in technology, knowledge, data, and narratives to create compelling stories. We write, edit, review and support the distribution of digital content through print, online and social media platforms.


Digital Content Support


We work towards helping different organizations communicate their philosophy as well as the work they get done. Our team is combined with a wealth of knowledge in using digital tools to speak to the human side of public and private institutions. We provide remote communications support in providing and distributing digital content across online and social media platforms.

We help individuals and institutions develop innovative and engaging visuals for their audiences. In the digital world where content is King, we advocate for the process to be our Queen. We work to humanize content for a greater audience experience -  connecting brands, and individuals with the issues they care about the most, and the people they want to reach.

Photography & Videography

MINO Art Space
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Communication Strategies
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We provide media fixing, local news stringing, logistics support, and in-house training. We have a good network of ethically compliant journalists who share their knowledge, experience, and skill with our clients. We have a great network of fixers and stringers and a reliable security apparatus to enable journalists to work anywhere in Nigeria.

Local Logistics Services