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We support individuals and organisations using media to advance social change.  We work with individuals, governments, foundations, civil society organisations and the private sector to effectively deliver on their initiatives.

We Train Teams

We train teams within organisation and help them build the needed capacity for their programs

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Writing Coaching & Mentoring

We worked with the team at PIND Foundation to develop a coaching and mentoring workshop which helped to  build on the technical report writing skills of PIND program/project teams using an experiential training approach. Our work has improved the overall quality and usefulness of documented reports around PIND projects.

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Ethnographic Research

We collaborated with the teams at Picture Impact to develop a robust audiovisual training manual for Gender and Nutrition Training for teams in over six countries. Our manual is drawn from the lived experience of experts curating data-sets on ground across the country. This resource has remained an onboarding tool for Picture Impact teams.

We Tell Stories

We help you write about how you feel. Our writers are trained in technology, knowledge, data, and narratives to create compelling stories. We write, edit, review and support the distribution of digital content through print, online and social media platforms.

Our Work: About

We capture moments

We create visuals that connect brands and individuals to their interests. Our mission is connection, allowing brands and individuals to effectively communicate with the people who matter most to them and address the issues they deeply care about.

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We are your go-to source for media solutions. With our extensive network of ethical journalists, skilled fixers, and reliable security apparatus, we offer media fixing, local news stringing, logistics support, and in-house training services

Logistics Support Services

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