An evolving Media Ecosystem

Across the world, the media ecosystem is changing - technology, thoughts and the things we care about are in a flux. In response, our approach is geared to support the media with better tools, approaches, and ideas to respond to these changes.


We are a team of  researchers, writers, and communicators working together to rethink how media can be better used to promote development. We use context driven approaches to drive media solutions into sustainable practices. 


Design Research

Realizing that our mission requires better understanding and support of contextually driven interventions, we approach each task with open-mindedness towards shared solutions.


Digital Content Development

We work with a collage of people, leveraging an array of ideas to achieve shared objectives.


Media Support Services

We move from thoughts through process, to prototypes and products. In our past projects, we have combined a variety of methods to support media actors working in and across Nigeria.